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About Me

Originally from California, Troy Lacey has worked in fiber art since learning to knit and crochet at an early age. She attended the Waldorf School, a school created by Rudolf Steiner that places human development and art at the center of its curriculum and specializes in enabling students to choose their individual path through life. Lacey uses the process of wet felting to make her original designs and one-of-a-kind pieces. Wet felting takes advantage of the tiny fibers in wool yarns and fabrics and the lubrication usually provided by friction and soapy water to create varied textures of cloth.“ I love natural fibers,” Lacey said. “Not only does Lacey make felts but she also uses creative techniques such as needle felting, spinning, dyeing her spun wool or crocheting or knitting to create her unique designs. “I always feel at peace when I create my artwork. I can enjoy the moment,” she said. “My goal is to live in balance and harmony.” 

Exhibits, Specialty Shops And Craft Shows

The felted potted plant I created is displayed in "World Wide Colours of Felt Book" (Textile Link)

My Mixed Media work was exhibited at The Airport Exhibition (FLYING SOLO)


Shimai Gallery, Metro Arts Center, Renaissance Gallery, JCC Gallery Center, Landfill Art, Studio 83 Gallery, Laurel Leaf Gallery, Montgomery Bell Exhibit.


Waldorf School Fair TN, Three Creeks Farm Fiber Festival, Music and Molasses Agricultural Museum, Craft Fair Art In The Park, Art Fusion, Cannonsburgh Historic Village Fiber Festival, TACA, Centennial Art Center, Bushy Art Creek art Show. Skyking  Local Art Show In Kingston Springs TN


Tennessee, New Mexico, Kentucky...

Franklin Mall, Betsy, Rumours Gallery, Argo, Duets, Hands & Heart, 

Lalanna Wool, Sugar's , Frist Boutique Pangea, Dragon Fly, Fusion, Coco, 

Ewe Company, Indulge, Company, Indulge, SeamsSeams, Serendipity,

A Thousand Faces, Anatra Jewel.


Average Art December Issue 2017 Magazine (UK)

Wotissart December Issue 2017 Magazine (UK)

The Tennessean

I wrote an article about my fiber artwork at Sugar's boutique. 

The Fiber Arts Magazine featured my needle felted postcard. 

The Tennessean wrote about my  textile exhibit at the Brentwood Library. 

I had a Blogspot on line (Blethering Crafts)

The Big Picture Collective Art Project (On Line)


National Academy of Medicine



Collective Art Project (On Line)

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"When I work with wool, I think of the history of the   animal. Being at one with nature puts life in perspective. I am recycling nature to create my personal story."
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