Customer Support


Please include a photo of the artwork you would like to purchase, shipping address and email. A invoice will be sent to the patron including shipping and insurance fees as well as tax if the purchase is to be shipped to a Tennessee address. Upon receipt of payment the item will be shipped.


Berggren Fibers accepts Checks And Money Orders.

When the check clears the product will be shipped.

Send Payment to:

Troy Lacey

P.O. Box 634

Kingston Springs, TN37082



On-line purchases of artwork may be returned only within the first week following delivery if the item has not been used otherwise Berggren Fibers credit may be negotiated. The purchaser is responsible for the cost of return shipping with insurance accurate to the price of purchase.

Exchanges for a different item will be charged additional shipping.


Tracking Your Order

Please let me know if you would like a tracking number for your shipment.

Special Orders

Special orders are not returnable. Berggren Fibers requires half down non refundable payment. The balance will be due when the product is ready to ship.



Natural dyes are sensitive to dramatic changes in pH, therefore strong alkaline soap solutions may cause a slight shift in the color of certain dyes. Use pH neutral soap if available.

Actual colors may vary from the website photo.


Washing Felt

Care must be taken when hand washing felt as excessive heat and agitation may continue to shrink wool felt. Hand wash fabric in room temperature water with a small amount of gentle soap and minimal agitation.


Drying Felt

Either place the item in your washing machine on the spin cycle to extract excess water (felted forms should be stuffed with a towel to maintain the shape) or press in a dry towel. Damp 2-D felt may be ironed on the lowest steam setting, blocked (pulled into shape) and air dried.

3-D felt may be steamed (an open tea kettle works well if you don't have a clothing steamer) to provide elasticity for reforming. Stuff the steamed from to shape and air dry.



Moth larvae feed wool protein and are a threat to any woolen, however, seldom do they establish themselves in items that are worn or used regulary. If woolen items are not to be used for an extended period of time, wash the item and store in an airtight container in cool temperatures. Cedar and lavender have insect repelling fragrance and may be placed in the storage container to further deter moths.